What The Press Is Saying…

Charles Perry, The Los Angeles Times

“Its hard to imagine a better introduction to Los Angeles than brunch on the thatched-roof patio at the original Cha Cha Cha… Toribio Prado (is) the undisputed baron of upscale Caribbean food in Los Angeles.”
Jonathon Gold, LA Weekly

“…absolutely delectable contemporary Caribbean cuisine. A trusted family member is always in the kitchen.”
Mario Martinoli, KFWB

“Cha Cha Cha more than lives up to its lively name. Under Chef Toribio Prado’s direction, the small, casual restaurant plays host to the entertainment industry as well as is an attractive mix of people, all of whom come to taste the flavorful contemporary Caribbean specialties…”
Food & Wine

“When a Villaraigosa event calls for food –from his private inner-circle party on election night to a brunch at the Getty House – the cuisine is fusion, from local favorite Cha Cha Cha.”
Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa, from The LA Times

“The young and hip have made this attractive spot one of the best places for dinner on the East Side. The Jamaican Jerk Chicken transports you directly to the islands…”

“(Toribio Prado is) one of the 100 coolest people in the city.”
Buzz Magazine

“Cha Cha Cha is a jubilant dinner party in progress, filling the air with a host of enticements – citrus, garlic, and nose-itching chilies.”
Lynell George, The Los Angeles Times

“This month, Prado’s red-hot cuisine cha-cha-chas into town. Put your dancing shoes on”
The James Beard Foundation

“Cha Cha Cha has taken Los Angeles by storm… the place is unrelentingly happy… it's a comfortable, kick-back kind of place, without the least hint of intimidation or superiority.”
Larry Lipson, Los Angeles Daily News

“Toribio has revolutionized the Los Angeles restaurant scene by bringing his unique style of Caribbean Cuisine to the forefront of culinary consciousness.”

“The original Cha Cha Cha on Virgil is bursting at the seams, like a house party that’s just getting warmed up and already is spilling out into the sidewalk. In a city infamous for its short attention span, Cha Cha Cha appears indefatigable.”
Southern California Living, The LA Times

“Toribio Prado and Mario Tamayo were making big culinary news, and all the cool people were lining up to sample their exciting island-themed cuisine… I left with memories of beautifully prepared fish, as well as perfect, and then-hard-to-find, black beans.”
Elizabeth Evans, The Orange County Register

“Toribio Prado, chef and co-owner of Cha Cha Cha, could be the first winner of both the California Restaurant Writers Association’s Restaurateur of the Year and its Chef of the Year categories.”
Los Angeles Daily News, Restaurant News and Notes

“If you’ve got a date planned, this may be the fruit bowl you’ve been looking for… it’s guaranteed to make your tongue do the cha cha cha across the table – if your feet don't get there first to the Salsa music in the background.”

“In LA, as in a lot of other cities now, much of what’s ‘new’ is really the rediscovery and transformation of old buildings and neighborhoods. West side provincianalism is slowly eroding… with the advent of hot spots such as the East Side Caribbean Cha Cha Cha.”

“Cha Cha Cha is just about the hottest restaurant in town (it boasts Bette Midler and Mick Jagger among its celebrity clientele… (its) a place to share dishes among your party, as most of the tastes are new to LA, and many of them are worth crowing about.”
Sharon Boorstin, Beverly Hills 213

“Cha Cha Cha seems deliciously out of place… the atmosphere is pure Caribbean carnval… it all sets the mood for lively, fun dining.”
Jonathan Schultz,