Pasta Prado
Fusilli pasta tossed with sautéed garden vegetables and fresh herbs 12.50

Past Adriana
Angel hair tossed with frest tomatoe, garlic and white wine 11.50

Fettuccine con Pollo
Egg noodles over breast of chicken, peppers and a
gorgonzola cream 13.95

Chorizo Penne
grilled Chorizo sautéed with tomato, garlic and basil
served over penne 12.50

Seafood Pasta
Fresh shrimp, scallops & swordfish on a bed of fettuccine
with a lime garlic butter 16.50


Jamaican Jerk Chicken
Traditional breast of chicken marinated in a secret jerk spice recipe 16.25

Pollo Mole
Grilled boneless chicken breast glazed with a coco infused
homemade mole salsa 15.95

Chicken Carioca
Boneless breast of chicken served with brazilian spices
and fresh mango 16.25


Gambas Negras
Jumbo shrimp sautéed with our delicious black pepper sauce 18.95

St. Bart's Curry Shrimp
Sautéed with pineapple, raisins and curry 18.50

Grilled pacific swordfish with sweet onion and served with
tomatillo salsa 19.50

Pescado del Dia
The chef’s selection of freshly prepared fish, please ask your server

Bistec Argentino
Aged new york strip with sweet onion and a traditional
argentine steak sauce. 18.95

Chuleta Albaricoque
Grilled double cut pork chop with roasted peppers and apricot salsa 15.95

Salmon Negro
Grilled norwegian salmon sautéed with a black pepper sauce
and cubed pineapple 18.95

Jerk Pork Platter
Platter Spicy shredded pork served with black beans, saffron rice
and sweet plantains 15.50

Plato sin Carne
A dazzling assortment of grilled and steamed vegetables 13.95

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