Appetizer Buffet

Group 1 (2 pieces)

Garlic Bruchetta
Chopped Roma tomato, basil & garlic served on crisp sourdough

Mushrooms sautéed with sherry & garlic

Chicken Sopes
Corn cups filled with grilled chicken, baked chipotle pinto beans &
garden vegetables

Flour tortillas filled with guava & goat cheese, served with
housemade guacamole

Brochetta de Pollo
Skewer of free range chicken lightly grilled & topped with fresh
mango & Brazilian spices

Brochetta de Pollo Negro
Skewer of free range chicken lightly grilled & topped
with our signature spicy Negro sauce

Pizza Latina
Pizza with Julienne garden vegetables, mozzarella,
and aromatic oregano-garlic olive oil

Group 2 (1 1⁄2 pieces)

Fresh Corn Tamales
Served with roasted tomatillo sauce & crème fraiche

Banana Boats
Plantains stuffed with ground beef, ham, & vegetables

Turnovers stuffed with ground New York steak, topped with
Pico de Gallo

Group 3 (1 piece)

Coconut Shrimp
Jumbo shrimp dipped in a coconut batter, drizzled with a Honey-Cilantro dressing

Wrapped Asparagus
Grilled asparagus wrapped in smoked salmon, topped with fresh dill

Made with shrimp & housemade crackers, topped with tartar sauce


Choice of 2 items from any group: $7 per person
Choice of 3 items from any group: $10 per person
Additional items: add $4 per person
Sales Tax & Service Charge additional

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